TurboWeb2.0 2.1

Create and manage your own web 2.0 private blog network.

Create and manage your own web 2.0 private blog network.

TurboWeb2.0 Submitter is offering the flexibility and quality of manual WEB 2.0 link building, but in automated mode. Create your own private web 2.0 network with just a few mouse clicks.

- Visual script builder (build your own templates for custom web2.0 sites).

- WP manager to import your self-hosted WordPress blogs or blogs created on WordPress.com.

- Semi-Automatic mode option to increase unique submission targets, where manual steps are needed.

- Bulk accounts creator for any web2.0 sites.

- Automatically insert HTML links in article desired location or in a random location.

- Automatic Backlinks Pinger (self hosted) and Indexer (third party support).

- Automatic Captcha Retries and Captcha service priority settings.

- Compared to other back linking methods (comments, bookmarks,…), web2.0 blogs are completely safe to use on your money site, as long as you don’t overspam. Use it wisely, and TurboWeb will do miracles for your online rankings.

- With the integrated visual script builder, you can create your own templates for new web 2.0 sites. You can sell those templates on the forum template market (in progress) or you can secretly use them to rank your own websites.

- High success rate, around 95%.

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TurboWeb2.0 2.1

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